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Processing Technician - San Antonio, TX.

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The Processing Technician is responsible for the manufacturing of HCT/P products at the Stability Biologics production facility. The processing Technician will complete all donor processing according to established production plan, works with management to assure the facility is clean and in good working order and all equipment is adequately maintained. Understands and complies with all Quality Policies, AATB Standards and Federal Regulations.



  • Completes all processing of HCT/P according to production plan.

  • Sets up clean rooms for processing on a daily basis.

  • Delivers all consumable items to the processing room in preparation for processing.

  • Establishes sterile fields and uses appropriate sterile attire while maintaining aseptic technique in clean room environment.

  • Performs post-processing room breakdown and cleaning per established protocols.

  • Enters processing data into associated computer programs and batch records.

  • Monitors, maintains, and cleans processing facility and equipment according to appropriate procedures and schedules.

  • Performs daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning and maintenance activities according to established schedules.



  • A High School diploma and experience working in a manufacturing environment

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