Stability also distributes the following groups of human tissue allografts. Click on the link below to see individual products and descriptions. Our full product brochure is also available for download here:




Advanced Allografts


Physio® is an advanced bone tissue allograft comprised of 100% human bone with no extrinsic carrier. Using Stability Biologics' innovative Physio® tissue processing technique, bone mineral is solubilized and retained in the bone gelatin carrier. The soluble bone mineral found in Physio® is a readily accessible form that aids in the bone mineralization process. Physio® also contains bone particles that have a unique surface activated, outer layer and a mineral core. The exposed growth factors and collagen on the surface of the bone particles are actively involved in new bone regeneration. The mineralized core allows the Physio® particles to function as a prolonged bone formation scaffold. This is advantageous in challenging bone graft sites where new bone is formed at a slower rate.


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AmnioCore Amniotic Membrane Allograft

AmnioCore is a dual layer amniotic tissue allograft, which provides a safe, natural, biologic barrier. AmnioCore delivers essential growth factors on a structural protein matrix, with superior handling properties. This allows for easy manipulation and results in a dependable, flexible allograft.

  • Dry storage at room temperature eliminates need for cryopreservation

  • Repositionable design reverts to original shape when placed in water or saline

​​Stability is pleased to announce that our request for a Level II HCPCS code for AmnioCore Amniotic Membrane Allograft has been established. The HCPCS Q-code for AmnioCore is effective July 1st, 2020 and listed as Q4227. Click here to read more.  If you have any questions about reimbursement for AmnioCore please email us at

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Through innovative research and new product development, Stability Biologics is providing a full line of advanced biologic products to enhance the lives of patients and create greater surgeon satisfaction.



AmnioCore Burn

AmnioCore Burn is an amniotic tissue allograft, designed to provide a safe, natural, biologic protective barrier and burn covering. Stability’s proprietary processing method results in large graft sizes with repositionable design, ideal for burn care.

  • Dry storage at room temperature eliminates need for cryopreservation

  • Large graft sizes with repositionable design

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